An Everyman tormented by questions of sanity, manhood and his place in the progress driven society is explored via cynical ignorance toward the proverbial canine caravan. But can he win?

Following his journey trough the sticky stains of his unfulfilled persona, dysfunctional marriage, erratic career and a society indulging in a dystopian idiocracy, we see a man's sanity shatter into an enlightened cacophony. The resignation becomes the only possible way to keep in touch with one's self, as intended by nature. The only way to remain close to lucid reason and clarity as a state not opposite of madness anymore. The nominal madness that is.

A Single Day explores dreams and subconsciousness in order to reflect mechanisms of society as if observed via a funhouse mirror. An attempt to create a postmodern Commedia dell'Arte, addressing the subject through irony and mockery thus empowering audience at having a top hand, rather than struggling with the subject's weight.


Trajče Kacarov

Original title: Za samo jedan dan

Cast: Marinko Prga, Leona Paraminski, Draško Zidar, Jagoda Kralj Novak, Beti Lučić, Ozren Opačić, Darko Plovanić, Nancy Abdel Sakhi, Zvonko Zečević, Mitja Smiljanić and Marija Krpan
Set design: Dubravka Škvrce and Rene Maurin
Costume design: Dubravka Škvrce and Rene Maurin
Light design: Marijan Štrlek and Rene Maurin
Assistant director: Marijan Varjačić

Photo: Anna Fabricius