Figaro, a man of million trades, yet one true mastery. The synonym for the traits found on the other side of the needles eye. Of the gate, a man can’t ride through in a Benz or Hummer.

A noble failure, a silver-lined spirit which society bowing to success, progress and excess, banished and reduced to a ridicule, a bum, a sidekick. And now we have a war. A silent war for the most prestigious of them sweet loots. The loot attainable by anything or nothing. By the stock, the bond the real estate ... Or by an obscure haircut, dada poetry or change of heart.

Yet it is always won in the face of power and possession. The divine rules of the game nobody can’t saddle, merely, like Figaro does, whip it wild. He saves Rosina from the foolish romantic investment she made, but doing so, he saves much more. A sample of true libertine spirit, a drop of idealistic romance and a split hair of poetic justice. A global intangible heritage we should not only protect but also exercise.


Pierre Beaumarchais

Original title: Seviljski brijač

Adaptation: Dubravka Lampalov, Rene Maurin
Cast: Nenad Srdelić, Mijo Jurišić, Vicko Bilandžić, Andrea Mladinić, Ratko Glavina, Ante Čedo Martinić, Zdeslav Čotić, Ivo Perkušić, Mia Čotić, Lana Hulenić, Elena Orlić, Danijela Vuković, Nikša Arčanin and Marko Petrić
Set design: Zlatko Kauzlarić Atač
Costume design: Maca Žarak
Light Design: Rene Maurin
Original music: Nenad Šiškov
Language consultance: Jagoda Granić
Dance: Almira Osmanović and Alen Čelić