The devil once took on the shape of a blackbird and flew into St. Benedict's face, causing the saint to become troubled by an intense desire for a beautiful girl he had met. He tore off his clothes and jumped into a thorn bush. This painful act is said to have freed him from sexual temptations for the rest of his life.

In a face-off of the past, reliving fogy emotional swamps, we end up facing the weakness of human reason on the battlefield of love. Exploring the depths we avoid for our own comfort, Blackbird reflects the brittleness of the moral standards, acting as a formulaic prosthetic for the lack of ethics and sympathy in the society.

The moral judgment cannot be executed before we tie our eyes and start watching with our hearts and groins. Once we do, the forbidden love ceases to be a crime and turns into an epic love story. A Romeo and Juliet whose love is objected by the systemized contemporary morals. By the lack of time and attention, we are willing to invest. A story where lovers do not die by knife nor poison, but are left to live with a raging wild beast in their chest.


David Harrower

Original title: Črni kos

Cast: Iva Babić, Janez Starina and Lucija Tratnik
Traslation: Alja Predan
Set design: Elena Fajt, Rene Maurin
Costume design: Elena Fajt
Original music: Silence
Language consultant: Maja Cerar
Light design: Janez Kocjan
Graphic design: Neja Engelsberger, Saša Kerkeš

Photo: Peter Uhan