How well do we listen, how clear do we speak? Growing up with impaired senses essential for communication may not be seen only as a handicap but as living in a world of a different language.

Social integration into a productivity oriented society with well established and structured systems is based upon communication and successful adaptation. People with impaired senses are objectively hindered to do so without major efforts, leaving them little time to focus on productive activities, necessary for gaining a social value.

Modern, virtually android medicine, can successfully provide a handful of helping devices and methods. Nevertheless, maybe it is not only them who should struggle mastering communication we exercise. Maybe it’s us, who should pick up a new language or two, as well. If nothing else, the language of attention and patience.


Original title Center za sluh in govor Maribor, 50 let

Director of photography Matjaž Wenzel
Editing Rene Maurin
Sound recording Andrej Hrvatin