It was merely a mirage. Just a moped’s stop light at the end of a moonlit alley. It's not their fault; they can’t stop expecting. The lovable next-door freaks you hope not to meet in the dim staircase.

The proverbial Slovene provincial town, the catalogue of half-life Batmans moves into Pannonian flatland in order to search for new specimens. What was considered a national deviation becomes a cross-cultural phenomenon. The freak show of sad frogmen and forgotten creatures, with their shrunken limbs, boiled dreams, cartoonish obsessions and carefully gardened hatred and lust.

The parade never ceases, not even dying can liberate them. They never were alive in the first place, were they? But there is one collective hope. An outrageous event must happen. A magical disturbance in the monotonous rhythm of drops falling into the ponds of their sweat. Just like a fist of sugar in the gasoline will stop even a well-greased engine.


Slavko Grum

Original title: Događaj u gradu Goga

Cast: Sandra Tankosić, Tanja Bertok Zupković, Nela Kočiš, Đorđe Bosanac, Radoslava Mrkšić, Ana Stanojević, Mira Perić Kraljik, Ivan Glowatzky Lidija Florijan, Anita Schmidt, Augustin Halas, Davor Panić, Miljenko Ognjenović, Mario Rade, Vjekoslav Janković, Mladen Vulić and Robert Krajinović
Set design: Nataša Černoša
Costume design: Saša Došen
Light design: Rene Maurin

Photo: Damjan Švarc