It’s all about shifting values. Items which get thrown away as worthless trash are recognized and resurrected into valuable antiques or romantic tokens of the past.

We are entering the world of a peculiar trade - searching for potential valuables, "to be" antiques in various bizarre and obscure places. Receiving some love and care, they once again shine with worth and meaning, thus resisting the force of consumeristic instant devaluation.

Three subjects uncover the secrets of the metier and escort us on a voyage of an old grave candle lamp. From the junkyard through workshops and antique fairs to its final new domicile in the buyer’s home. The trade turns out to be a solid business including harsh competition and everything you would rather expect at the stock brokers than junkyards scavengers.


Original title: KramArt, dokumentarna reklama

Cast: Aji Selak, Boštjan Mohorič in Georgij Božinov
Director of photography: Janez Kališnik
Edititor: Boštjan Strojan
Original music: Sebastijan Duh
Trick: Rasto Novakovič
Executive producer: Marko Pöschl