Generally philosophy is supposed to distant one from the mundane life. Thereby the problems of daily life can be viewed in a different light. Yet there are boundaries and obstacles where it must admit its failure.

We may be able to see a simpler and bigger picture which represents a real contribution of philosophy to happiness. But its authority suddenly stops at fundamental experiences which require us to manage  through events without a firm logical ground.

Life as From Inside is an effort to transpose philosophical thought into film language, thus making it possible to enter the inner, generic processes of philosophical observance. The film explores methods and thoughts of three eminent Slovene philosophers, while the visual language becomes an aid for understanding, maybe even acting as a tutor for a deeper understanding of everyday phenomena.


Original title: Življenje od znotraj
The film is dedicated to Dr. Ivan Kosovel.

Script: Sergej Pečovnik and Rene Maurin
Cast: Dr. Ivan Kosovel, Peter Mlakar and Miha Naglič
Director of photography: Andrej Lupinc
Composer: Sebastijan Duh
Editor: Rene Maurin
Executive producer: Marko Pöschl