The national archetype Micka swaps her peasantry ethnic imagery for a hybrid of the silent movie and commedia dell'arte. She can finally have her shot at Hollywood now.

The stereotypical farce of feminine volatility and her voyage to wisdom, always obtained by experience, never advice. At the same time an eternal conflict of urban vs. rural, immanent to cultures where the well-stirred mix produces a nutritious cocktail of buffo comedy, saturated with incorrect humor and cynicism.

The victory over her amorous illusions propels the victory over urban superiority complex. The fake noblesse is degraded to cattle loving shepherds, and the large farmers hand takes perfect vengeance over the delicate satin gloves. It’s never the hand that gets torn.


A. T. Linhart, rokgre

Adaptation: Rok Vilčnik - rokgre and Rene Maurin
Cast: Urška Vučak as Micka, Branko Šturbej, Tadej Toš, Alenka Cilenšek, Tomaž Gubenšek and Aljoša Ternovšek
Set design: Petra Veber
Costume design: Andrej Gabron
Music selection and editing: Rene Maurin
Language consultancy: Metka Damjan

Photo: Damjan Švarc