We deal with ourselves or we deal with nothingness. A choice that leaves no rainbow unicorns alive. A choice philosophy can't solve, a fact turning thoughts into drama. Hell is us, the people we became.

The source of human suffering is immanent to all historical periods and cultures, clearly observed as the humankind itself. It’s us who introduce suffering to nature’s peace and kind indifference. We can call this place a purgatory only because of our illusions and tiny remains of nature.

Illusion fades with knowledge. Nature fades with civilization. We don't need to look too far to find a scale model of hell. Strip us from non-manmade, take away our privilege to avoid each other and enter an amateur hell with 6 billion demons. Demons bitterly remembering the kind of (wo)men that mankind should be made of.


Jean-Paul Sartre

Original title: Iza zatvorenih vrata

Cast: Mladena Gavran, Olivera Baljak, Damir Orlić and Nenad Šegvić
Set design: Ljerka Hribar and Rene Maurin
Costume design: Jasna Bajlo
Music selection: Rene Maurin
Assistant director: Anja Maksić

Photo: Jasna Bajlo