Simpatico & Muzičista feat. Aja - AU

A fatigued lonesome vagabond stumbles upon a shiny little surprise that lures him into the world of carefree singing charlatans.

A short walk through their world shifts his jaded perspective on the journey of life and makes him rediscover radiant colours of life and lighthearted summer whistling ...


Director and editor: Rene Maurin
Director of photography: Rok Frešer
Art direction: Borut Wenzel
Make-up: Nataša Sevčnikar

Music: Sebastijan Duh
Lyrics: Rok Vilčnik

Cast: Aja Pušenjak Šega, Andrej Štruc - Hari, Rok Vilčnik, and Sebastijan Duh

© 2019, Portall Music Publishing, MAURIN d.o.o.