In 1951, Solomon Ash conducted a series of psychological experiments about conformity. Whereby there was a single, straightforward and obvious answer to a judgment task, over the 12 critical trials about 75% of participants conformed at least once to the false solution provided by a controlled majority.

REBUS is a magazine conceived and executed via photographies by Matjaž Wenzel and letters by Rene Maurin. It aims at exploring the ever-elusive nature of art between creation and interpretation; between the urge for expression and its inherently subjective outcome. This is attempted via the collision of image and text — an often employed device of elucidation yet arguably antithetical concept of human communication. REBUS exploits this orthodox cohabitation by abandoning their traditional roles and strives to open a passage into the realm of truth, as a phenomenon rooted in multitude and flux. 

By doing so, the viewers' cognition is restricted from the unavoidable fallacy of certainty. The truth — a category resisting subjectivity and objectivity alike thus dwells embedded in a rebus. Its subjective manifestation is present twofold while its objective kernel remains in pursuit.


Photography: Matjaž Wenzel
Letters: Rene Maurin