Will the parents devour their children? Investment bankers steal from beggars? “This” is a battle between fighters who never should have entered the ring. 

Childish innocence comes equipped with a protective mechanism, initiating emotions that stop the grown ups acting in their hunting modus. It might be one of the last tricks, capable of waking the tiny seed of humanity left in us. Then again, despair can’t afford much mercy.

The bizarre encounter of a mentally challenged youngster and a desperate small time crook juxtaposes archetypal emotions with the power of adverse circumstances. Two completely unrelated battles start to be fought. One for a modest financial loot, other for elementary emotional support. Two lonely battles with personal shadows that end up in the blurry realms of micro magic only a child’s mind can produce.



Cast: Bojan Maroševič and Davor Herga
Set design: Samo Lapajne
Costume design: Maja Djordjevič
Original music: Sebastijan Duh
Dramaturg: Vili Ravnjak

Photo: Matjaž Wenzel